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I owe you guys another apology. 

Again, I’ve been avoiding this tumblr because I couldn’t control my eating. I’ve come back because yesterday was the first sign that my eating is getting under control. I’m also planning on going back to the gym, I only stopped going because I’ve got a dodgy knee, but now I have some stretches to help make it better, and then the weights I do should help strengthen my joints. I’m also going to limit my dairy intake because my sinuses are a bit blocked.

So I’m currently sat watching the Biggest Loser, drinking a cup of peppermint tea. And I am about to get up and do my leg stretches for the day and grab my mini stepper machine. 

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16/01/2013: 156.6

19/01/2013: 154.8

I’m back to what I was. Feeling really ill, throat hurts and totally blocked in the sinuses. And I’m not even going to think about the snow. I have a party tonight… But I feel shitty. Hopefully later I will feel better.

I’m going to continue to watch Gok and his fashion stuff and then move on to The Biggest Loser USA. Just to make me feel better.

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I’m sorry I’ve been away longer than I was planning. I just couldn’t come back. I’ve gained up to 156.6 lbs (not loads but too much for me) and I’ve just watched the pilot episode of ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ based and made in England. About a girl who’s just come out a mental hospital, is 16 years old and 16 and a half stone (231 lbs). I actually really enjoyed it, though I thought the adverts were shit. But it made me not want to eat ever again. Not because of how she looked, but from the things that happened. Her ‘friend’ set of a fire alarm in a shop when she was trying on a bikini top. She had to leave the shop in this bikini top and her jeans. Everyone pointed and laughed and stared and I felt sick watching it. 

I’ve lost some control. But I’m getting it back. 

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This guy who I’m unfortunately having feelings for said something to me last Tuesday when we were at the gym together. He’d said he went through a patch where he went to the gym everyday, had some no fat yogurt for breakfast and only protein (chicken and fish) because he really wanted to lose weight. But he barely lost 5lbs. And I think I love him a little for telling me that, I mean we aren’t particularly close… but he chose to tell me that. But I couldn’t tell him I’m still going through something similar… because I’m not small enough to prove it. But if we keep talking and going to the gym together, I hope I make a new best friend. Coz I don’t really have one right now. And he’s truly lovely and a sweetheart. 

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I’ve been going up and down a bit recently. And I’ve gotten a cold. the first day of the cold (not yesterday the day before.) I ate a shit load trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Then yesterday, I just couldn’t stomach anything until late evening where I had a bowl of cheerios and a cheese and potato salad sandwich. But I’ve been drinking a lot of water and juice and lemon and honey to try and make me better. So I guess it’s flushed out most of the food I ate recently. I’m going back to college today, I might bring some lemon water with me to keep detoxing my body until I’m better. 

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I don’t even know how this happened. But I went to my osteopath on Thursday and basically all my superficial muscle has gone from my shoulders because I’ve stopped going to the gym. Which is why I’m in such pain. So now I feel I have to go to the gym and find enough time for it for definite now. I need to fix my upper back area.

And I guess burn off fat. 

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Don’t ask. I don’t know. Didn’t go to the gym. Have 6 hours of show rehearsals today. Not sure what I’m planning on doing with myself today…

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I’m annoyed I’ve gained. But I’m pleased that my new average gain or natural number is 155 ish. This week, as I’m ‘on’, i’m gonna focus on not eating very much, and drinking mainly water. No dairy except in the cereal bars I’m going to buy at some point today. so i’m going to survive off 2 bars a day which would be around 200-300 calories if I buy the low calorie ones (i.e. Special K.)

And I took 2 laxatives last night which haven’t had an effect yet. and I’m thinking of going to the gym when I can this week. like after college today maybe. 

I really want to get passed 150 soon. 

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